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Cerebral Spinal Fluid

The Benefits of Spinal Mobilization Have you ever noticed a cranky feeling in your low back when you roll out of bed? Your first inclination may be to stretch.                                                               Common stretches such as toe touches or pulling your knees to your chest may feel great at the time but it is a short term fix… Continue Reading Cerebral Spinal Fluid


Do you find yourself using handrails on stairs, leaning against walls, resting on the back of your chair or counter tops? As we age, we start to use subconscious balance “cheats”. These cheats, however, can in fact encourage instabilities by weakening the system. To achieve balance, our brain processes information received from our inner ear,… Continue Reading Balance

Brace Yourself

When you are told to “brace yourself,” it usually means that you need to be prepared for something unknown to happen. For this reason, I like the term abdominal bracing. If we learn how to wake up our abdominal muscles and brace ourselves, our body will be prepared for whatever challenge the day has to… Continue Reading Brace Yourself

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