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About Stonebridge Community Services

Committed to aging well in Oxford, Norfolk, and Elgin Counties

Our History and passion

Helping through the aging process

Stonebridge Community Services is a not for profit organization providing in-home health care and preventative health services designed to help people maintain good health and independence through the aging process. Stonebridge services are available to everyone in the community and are designed to enhance or support a wide range of health services.

Who We Are

Stonebridge Community Service exists to provide high quality health and wellness care that wraps around seniors to end of life, by providing personal care, support, and programs that promote physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.


Stonebridge Community Services passionately serves Tillsonburg and the surrounding communities with exceptional personal care, support, and programs specifically designed to optimize seniors’ wellbeing. We provide clients and families with freedom to access the services and supports to thrive independently.



A community where every senior who chooses to remain living in their home is supported with the trusted services and programs they need to thrive independently.


We are trusted.

We treat every client in our community with respect and dignity.

We do what we say, and we say what we do.

We deliver high quality care with compassion and understanding.

We live and work in the community we serve.


Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge the traditional territories in which we all live, work and play. We acknowledge the land because of those who have lived, worked, and played here first, as well as to build respectful relationships. Acknowledging the land is an important part of reconciliation. We are called to honour the authentic history of Canada, its original peoples and not be afraid to tell the story of the creation of this country that has historically been missing.

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