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Urban Poling & Walking Club

Urban Poling groups are available throughout Oxford, Norfolk and Elgin.

Stonebridge Urban Poling & Walking Club

Urban Poling, sometimes referred to as Nordic Walking, combines the upper body technique of cross-country skiing with the lower body technique of regular walking to give you a total body workout. Join one of our Intro to Urban Poling classes and a Certified Urban Poling Instructor will teach you the proper techniques and ensure you’re getting all these incredible benefits when walking with poles.

  • Burn 20-47% more calories (when compared to walking without poles)
  • Strength core, shoulders, arms, hips, and legs
  • Improve balance and stability
  • Reduced stress on hip, knee, and ankle joints
  • Improve posture
  • Increase walking speed

Stonebridge Urban Poling & Walking Club

Enjoy the great outdoors, fresh air, and sunshine and join us for our spring and summer Outdoor Walking Classes through the trails of Norfolk County. Avoid the ice and cold weather during winter months with our indoor walking groups. Pre-registration is required but everyone is welcome!

Stonebridge has a variety of
Urban Poling Poles and Accessories

Looking to purchase your own set of poles? Stonebridge has a variety of Urban Poling Poles and Accessories onsite that you can try before you buy. Book an appointment with our Registered Kinesiologist for proper sizing and to answer any of your questions free of charge. Purchase your poles with confidence from us.

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