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Aging at home doesn’t mean staying at home – get out and have fun Featured Image Posted on June 07

Aging at home doesn’t mean staying at home – get out and have fun

Aging at home doesn’t mean staying at home, it is important to get out and have fun.  Social activity not only boosts spirits but it can help mental alertness.  Remaining physically healthy can help you enjoy life to the fullest.     

Here are some strategies:

Staying physically active – The risk of falling, decline in energy to maintain daily tasks and loss of physical ability are common reasons that require a move from home into a retirement facility.  Exercise can be a fun and social event that encourages you to get out of the house while building up strength and balance and providing the energy to do the things you love.  Stonebridge offers a large array of exercise classes that are absolutely free which removes one of the largest barriers reported by those who are not currently active.

Stay socially connected – Aging can sever social connections, which can make you feel lonely and depressed. In turn, depression can lead to a whole host of other health problems so the importance of making plans to stay connected and engaged to family and friends ought to be a priority.

Keep your mind alert - Life-long mental stimulation has been shown to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and keep your mind alert.  As you age keep your mind active by playing board games or card games with whomever you can. Friends, family, or grandkids are a great source of stimulation but, if that isn’t available to you, think about volunteering to visit a senior or a senior’s facility to play cards, it is a win all around, even if you lose.  Get together with others who offer thoughtful and stimulating conversation either formally or informally; libraries are a great source for talks and book clubs.    

Pick up a new outdoor hobby – Taking the time to do what you enjoy will boost your spirits so consider signing up for a hobby or course that has always interested you.  Emotional state is closely tied to your physical wellness and outdoor activities in nature have a double impact.  Join a painting or sketching class, go golfing hiking or fishing with friends; always say yes to an outdoor invite.
Travel and see the world – Make plans to finally go on that dream vacation in a different country or continent; the time is now. Go see all the exotic places you could never quite fit in. There is nothing like meeting new people and learning new cultures to help you feel young!

You are never too old to dance in the kitchen or kiss for no reason!

We at Stonebridge are dedicated to helping you live a fulfilling and enjoyable life.   We promote the concept of “prescribe exercise” and offer free exercise classes and falls prevention classes.   Some of the activities we hold are urban poling with one of our walking groups and Pickleball with an enthusiastic group of all skill levels. Life is out there, let us help you go enjoy it. 

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