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The Charley Horse

If you’ve ever been jolted out of bed with the intense attack of a leg cramp, you understand the extreme …

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Cerebral Spinal Fluid

The Benefits of Spinal Mobilization Have you ever noticed a cranky feeling in your low back when you roll out …

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Calf Strain and Foot Pain

“Sitting is the new smoking,” a phrase coined by Dr. James Levine to raise awareness of the toll prolonged sitting …

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Getting to the Bottom of It

During the past few months so many activities have been cancelled which has led to many of us spending too …

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Do you find yourself using handrails on stairs, leaning against walls, resting on the back of your chair or counter …

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Ankle Stability

In the legend of Achilles he was dipped into the river Styx by his mother to make him indestructible. There …

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